Vanilla ice ice baby

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Blog

I once spoke with a coach who said something that stuck with me …

She worked in an ice cream shop when she was younger, and they used a lot of vanilla ice cream in that place.

But hardly anyone came in to ask for plain vanilla!

Instead, vanilla was used as a base for the more exotic, funky flavours.

The lesson, for those creating content online, is to not be vanilla.

Don’t be boring – there’s too much of that online as is …

When I create content, I try to mix it up and keep things interesting.

That includes what I create when doing my joint venture partnerships. I’m allergic to swipe copy, and never want to just copy and paste other people’s words as my own.

I want it to drum up interest in what my partner is doing, but for it to be in my own language.

If you have something that benefits coaches and would like to explore partnering up, I have some joint venture openings this summer.

Get the details and book a call to chat about it here:

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