There are a ton of things that you could do to get more coaching clients.

At last count it was at 434,173 (I’m exaggerating … or am I?)

If you try to do a lot of things (even 20), it’ll be hard to give enough attention for any to gain traction.

It’s like trying to start a fire by using a magnifying glass and rays from the sun … if you keep moving the glass around, you won’t get fire.

I recommend focusing on just three “pillars” that you enjoy doing.

If you don’t like doing the activity, you won’t do it consistently.

I have three pillars, and although I get business from other sources, these are my biggies:

1) Podcasting: this is on both sides of the mic, hosting “Natural Born Coaches” but also being aggressive and getting out on other shows to be interviewed.

2) My Facebook group: “The Coaching Jungle” is up over 16,000 members now, and it’s an important part of my business.

3) Daily emails: my results from email skyrocketed once I started mailing my list daily back in 2016.

Your pillars could be different than mine – but I suggest that you focus on just a few things and do them very well.

As Jim Collins once said; “If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any”

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