Understanding the “Free/Paid Line”

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Blog

One of the most important, yet least understood, concepts for coaches is the “Free/Paid Line”.

The FPL separates what you give away for free, and what you charge for.

Unfortunately, most coaches set the line far too close to the “free” side.

They feel like they have to give everything away, and only then will people feel comfortable hiring them.

I’m all for giving away free content to show that you know what you’re talking about, and to warm up your market.

I have almost 700 free podcast episodes out there to listen to (double that when I include shows I’ve been a guest on), my daily emails and social media posts, a 20,000 member Facebook group with lots of valuable free info, and more.

But after seven years in this business, I’ve learned where to draw my FPL.

At some point you have to draw that line, for the good of your business and for your clients’ sake (since they won’t treat what they get for free as seriously as something they’ve invested in).

Since this is so important, Mike McMahon and Doresa Ibrahim are doing a live training for coaches who are just
teaching and giving away everything, but not making sales.

It’s called “How To Become The ‘Sought After’ Coach”, and it’s happening this Thursday at 12 pm EST.

Join us by registering here:


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