According to Rob Goyette, there are two essential ingredients to a successful promotion of a laser coaching program:

1) An irresistible offer
2) A warm audience that knows, likes and trusts you

The first part goes without saying …

If you’re a business coach who promises clients you “might” be able to help them increase their revenues by 1% in the next five years, and you’ll charge them $5000 per month to do it, that isn’t exactly an irresistible offer.

A relationship coach who promises to help you create a “so-so” marriage isn’t too tempting either.

As for the second ingredient, laser coaching could be sold to a cold audience, but I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be as effective as to a warm one (since Rob teaches how to do a promotion that’s just a few days long, it doesn’t give much time to warm up cold traffic).

Here’s my two cents from the first laser coaching promotion that I filled last year:

Six of the eight people who bought the offer knew me well, since they were either past clients of mine, or Secret Coach Club subscribers.

The other two who were never clients or customers of mine previously were from my email list and/or The Coaching Jungle Facebook group, so they’d been consuming my content for awhile and knew who I was.

I’m not suggesting that you need a huge email list or a 20,000 member Facebook group to sell the laser package to, but you should have at least some people following you (and who know, like and trust you).

If you’d like to see a breakdown of how to run and sell a laser coaching package, Rob is currently doing a training on it.

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