I grew up as a big Toronto Blue Jays fan.

Some of the most heartbreaking times of my childhood came when watching Jays ace pitcher Dave Stieb miss out on his chance at a no-hitter or a perfect game in the final inning on three separate occasions in the late 1980’s.

It would have been a big deal, since those games (where the pitcher doesn’t allow anyone to get a hit, or even get on base in the case of “perfect games”) happen so rarely.

It was like the baseball gods were mocking Stieb (maybe he shot himself in the foot by titling his autobiography “Tomorrow I’ll Be Perfect” a few years before that).

There’s a happy ending because Stieb finally pitched a no-hitter in 1990, but the chase for perfection is actually easier in major league baseball than it is in business … because it’s impossible in business!

Every day there are online entrepreneurs holding off on making their websites live, or launching their programs, or publishing their books because they want them to be absolutely perfect.

I say ditch the quest for perfect and get whatever you’re working on out into the world, since the delays caused by striving for perfectionism kill motivation and drain bank accounts.

One of the things we focus on in my Coaching Jungle Mastermind groups is setting goals every week. It kills the perfectionist streak in members and means they don’t get stuck in that quicksand.

We currently have a few openings in one of the groups, and non-perfectionists can apply to join us here:


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