A common debate in the coaching world:

“Should coaches pay for referrals?”

Those who are against it usually claim that it cheapens the referral (or somehow makes it “dirty”)

I disagree.

As long as the referral is done because it’s the right fit, and not just because of money, why not?

If you’re referring someone to a quality person, they’re going to be grateful that you did.

And when you receive a referral payment, or a thank you gift, the person giving it will likely be top-of-the-mind for future referrals.

I recently sent a client over to Chris Jones (who edits my print newsletter) and he gave me an unexpected thank you gift.

It wasn’t anything crazy (it was a $25 Amazon gift card), but as someone who’s addicted to reading it was a nice gesture.

Would I have sent more business to him without the gift?

I would of, because I know from working with him that he’s good at what he does and I trust him.

But when I don’t know someone as well, a small thank you gift jogs my memory when I encounter potential referrals.

If someone is handing you a client on a silver platter, you don’t have to pay anything in marketing to get that client. A referral is a hot lead, and a no-brainer in those cases.

Whenever I pay for referrals I don’t grumble or think of them as expenses – I’ll gladly pay them all day long.

Whatever your opinion on referrals, my “10 Clients In 90 Days” program will help you get more coaching clients.

You’ll be generating more clients on your own, but the spin-off is you’ll start getting more referrals.

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