This is the last call to register for today’s live training.

It’s called “How To Stop Selling And Start Coaching!” and I’m sure it isn’t the only training that you’ve been invited to this week.

Let’s face it, it’s a noisy online space now.

Everywhere you turn there are demands for your time and attention.

“Watch this webinar/training/master class (or whatever you want to call it)!!!”

Throw in that we’re in the middle of the holiday season and you might have some shopping to finish up before the big day, and I get that it’s asking a lot of you to attend a virtual training.

But there are three reasons why I think you should consider.

Today’s training will show you how to:

– Have more free time
– Impact more lives
– Increase your revenue

While it won’t help you with your Christmas shopping, those are pretty good reasons.

It’s happening today at 1 pm EST, and if you can’t make it live the replay will be sent to all who register here:

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