Yesterday I was talking about those who only comment on your posts to chime in with something negative.

Those kinds are easy to spot, but there are different (and potentially more damaging) people who can hold you back from giving 100% with your business …

They’re the ones who come at you as a friend and try to hold you back “out of concern” for you.

They’re like the proverbial crabs in a bucket who hate to see other crabs escape, so they do everything they can to pull them back down and away from freedom.

They send seemingly-friendly messages like this:

“Hey, how’s it going? I wanted to message you about your last post … I didn’t have a problem with it at all, but I think it could really hurt your business and I would be careful. I’d hate to see you lose potential clients from it and I’m telling you this as a friend because I don’t want to see you get hurt”

I get them from time to time, and they’re tricky because they’re not from anonymous trolls on the Internet but from people I know (and in some cases, respect enough to have had them on my podcast).

Why do they do it?

Maybe they do believe they’re doing you a favour, but I suspect that seeing you going after your goals and putting your message out there consistently and unapologetically every day is triggering them.

My suggestion is to ignore the message and keep doing your thing.

Or you could answer with a quick “Thanks” if that makes you feel any better – but I wouldn’t get into a long conversation or change your approach because of it.

I’m now filling my 4-week “Coach Sprint” program, and those coaches who work with me in it will be getting out a lot more than they’re used to.

That’s going to trigger some people, but also get them a lot more sales.

We start soon, and if you’d like one of the spots you can grab it here:

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