I’ve watched a ton of webinars over the years …

If I had to guess, I’d say at least 300 of them.

While most have a similar feel, I recently saw one that was unlike any others I’ve experienced.

Actually, it’s not fair to even call it a “webinar”!

It was a live, interactive, and intimate online workshop hosted by Ryan Mathie of High-Performing Coach.

During it there was none of the usual slides, scripted language, or things that you just expect from a webinar. The screen was filled with the faces of coaches who came to learn from Ryan, and it was filled with fun back-and-forths as he coached people in real time.

I saw coaches who had blocks instantly cleared up, a lot of “Ah-ha” moments, and smiling faces from attendees who were having fun while learning on the workshop.

Ryan is a genuine, sincere guy whose heart is in the right place, and I left with pages of notes with my own Ah-ha’s.

It was such a cool experience that Ryan will be doing the same for my community on Thursday, September 17th at 1 pm EST.

During the live session Ryan will help you with any questions or blocks you have related to growing your coaching business and will give you live coaching on how to move forwards if you are open to it (if you want to sit back and learn from the conversations he’s having with others that’s cool too).

In our time together you’ll learn:

  • The 3 major things holding you back from building your coaching business
  • How to create high-paying clients without FB Pages, Business Cards or even a Website
  • How to breakthrough what’s holding you back and build a thriving coaching business without ‘selling’

As a bonus, once you reserve your workshop place you’ll also receive a 7-part video training series that will show you the fundamentals of growing your coaching business.

Spots are limited, and you can reserve yours here:


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