Building a business is a lot easier when you’re doing the things that you love to do.

I saw recently that Josh and Jill Stanton, of “Screw The Nine To Five” fame, are closing their large Facebook group and membership site to focus on other activities, because they weren’t having fun with those.

Their whole business is about helping people do what they love – so they followed their own advice.

Kudos to them.

I respect those who aren’t afraid to make tough decisions, rather than unhappily doing stuff because they feel obligated to.

“Your business, your rules”, I say.

But what they did is a rarity in the online space.

Most people stick with the stuff they don’t like, and they end up splitting their attention, draining their energy, and hurting their bank accounts this way.

What’s the sense of running your own business if you aren’t having fun?

I speak from experience:

For the first few hundred episodes of my podcast, I handled the editing for it.

The problem?

I hate editing audio (I’d rather get a root canal).

When my brother Matt started his podcast editing business, I gladly hired him and his team to handle that task for me so I could focus on stuff that I love doing.


Another example:

In the coaching world, a lot of coaches hate doing sales calls.

They want to spend their time coaching instead of doing these calls.

They end up frustrated and distracted from doing those tasks that they enjoy.

If you don’t like sales calls and would prefer to spend your energy coaching, you’ll want to check out the live training that my friend Anirudh is doing next Thursday.

He’ll show you an alternative way of doing things so you can finally stop selling and start coaching.

Grab your seat here:

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