When you hear the word “laser”, you might think of something from the movies.

Perhaps Dr.Evil in “Austin Powers” (“I have one simple request. And that is to have sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!”)

Or Goldfinger trying to kill James Bond with a laser (“No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die”)

Or the Death Star blowing planets to bits with its laser (RIP Alderaan).

But this week I’ve been talking about a different kind of laser:

My brand new laser coaching program.

It’s a way to work 1:1 with me for a year with unlimited, focused 15-minute sessions (and have email support to “pick my brain” between our calls).

Because of how I’m structuring it, I’m able to price it at a number that will fit most coaches’ budgets (less than $84/month)

I’m capping it at just 8 clients, and 6 spots are already spoken for.

I’m closing it down tonight – if you’d like one of the final spots, grab it here:


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