Master marketers can turn any mistake around into a positive thing.

Take KFC, for example.

The restaurant recently ran out of chicken at their UK locations, which is a bit of an issue for a chicken restaurant.

People were freaking out, and police departments were even getting calls from the public about it (one station had to tweet to ask the public to stop calling them since it wasn’t a police matter).

The whole thing had the potential to turn really ugly, and I’m sure Colonel Sanders was rolling in his grave.

But KFC was able to spin it around by running a masterful full page ad in some newspapers. It had a box of their chicken and the initials “FCK” instead of “KFC” (haha, get it?), followed by a very candid apology.

Now that’s how you handle a chicken controversy!

Most businesses would try to pretend they’re perfect and not draw any more attention to the issue, but smart businesses think outside the box and use f-ups to get more business.

If you try to play it off like you’re perfect all the time, it’s hard for others to relate to you.

By opening up and showing that you’re a real person (not just a logo or brand), you can strengthen your connection with people and make more sales.

As you grow your business, remember the lesson taught by KFC …

(I just read that KFC now has a gravy shortage, so watch to see how they handle that one. Should be interesting)

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