This week I’m taking part in “The Insane Product Giveaway 2020”.

It’s being called ‘insane” because those involved are giving away products that have a value of at least $497.

An important distinction between this and other giveaways:

One of my pet peeves with other giveaways is when people inflate the value of what people get. They could take two minutes to scribble something on a napkin, and then claim “Hey, this has a value of $10,000!”

In my opinion, something is only worth what people are willing to pay for it. If someone hasn’t paid $10,000 for it, then it’s not worth $10,000.

Everything in this giveaway has actually sold for the value attached to it!

For my part, I’m giving away my Group Gold Program which teaches how to grow, engage and monetize your Facebook group. I’ve sold a lot of copies of it, and this week it’s yours for free.

You can also get:

  • Jay Fiset’s “Escape The Marginal Success Trap + The Gift” ($497 Value)
  • Susan Epstein’s “Rapid Results Wtih Facebook” ($497 Value)
  • Rob Goyette’s “Big Revenue VIP Weekends” ($497 Value)
  • Valerie Del Grosso’s “Coach’s Legal Lifeline” legal templates pack ($595 Value)
  • Tom Poland’s “Killer Referrals Machine” ($795 Value)
  • Cindy Shulson’s “Copy that WOWs” ($497 Value)
  • Kelly Jo Murphy’s “Attract and Convert: Be YOU to Create Consistent $10K Months with Ideal High-End Clients!” ($497 Value)
  • Heather Wilson’s “EVENT MASTERY BLUEPRINT:
    How To Easily Plan and Pack Your Live Event in 6 Weeks or Less!” ($997 Value)
  • Donna Kozik’s “Let’s Book It” Quick-Start Training for Publishing Your First (or Next) Book ($997 Value)
    And Many More!

I know almost everyone involved in this giveaway and they’re A-1, so I’m proud to be a part of it.

You can get your loot here:

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