The word on the street about David Newman

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Blog

We’re just a few hours away from David Newman’s live “High Fee VIP” Masterclass, and here’s what some of his happy clients are saying about him:

“Recently, when I needed guidance – where hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential business was in front of me – I knew to call one guy for help: David Newman. Run, don’t walk, to grab a spot at David’s next event or hire him privately. You can’t afford not to.”

-Mark Levy

“Just closed the 6-figure deal with the hospital. DONE … thank you! And they were the ones that said ‘With the option to renew it please'”

-Jen Croneberger

“Took a potential $50K-$80K deal and with your exact coaching, I transformed it into a $300,000 deal. I can now see how to scale this business TEN times. You give both high-level strategic advice and very tactical and tangible as to what to execute on. I’ve been comfortable at 6 figures and now with your help, we’re going to hit 7 figures.

I was under-charging and wrong-charging. Shifted my mindset and whole new vistas opened up. Helped me completely rethink and repackage my expertise so that I’m now getting the real value that I’m worth.”

-Adrian Davis

We go live at 2 pm EST and you can see what all the fuss is about by registering here:

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