The weird reason this man hated Wednesdays

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Blog

The late, great Jim Rohn had a quote that I refer to often:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”

That quote is pretty well-known, but there’s a lesser-known story that Rohn once told that highlights the importance of being ruthless with who you spend your time with (being Wednesday, it’s a good day to tell it …):

There was once a man who was usually in a happy mood. His work and personal life were going well, and he was in a good place overall.

However, for some strange reason he found himself in a bad mood every Wednesday afternoon and into those evenings.

He was stumped as to why he was in a foul mood consistently every Wednesday and rarely on the other days of the week, until he read through his journal.

After reading it, he remembered that every Wednesday he had a weekly lunch with some old co-workers from his former workplace.

Those guys spent the lunches complaining and moaning about their employer and everything else going wrong in their lives.

No wonder he was grumpy on Wednesdays!

Although the lunches only accounted for one hour of the 168 hours that he had every week, the negativity seeped into his head and threw him off his game for the remainder of the day.

Most people probably agree that who you’re around affects your energy, mood, and motivation … but do they realize how much of an impact they have?

My suggestion is to ruthlessly eliminate any vampires who are dragging you down, and replace them with positive people who will support and uplift you.

The little voice in your head might try to get you to hold off, or make you wait in the hopes that those people will change for the better, but the chances are slim that will happen.

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