Let’s talk about walls.

I don’t mean the one that Donald Trump wants to build, but instead your social media wall.

To cut through all the noise in the online space, you need to consistently put your message out there.

When I say “message”, I mean your message – not sharing motivational memes or content from other sources all over your wall.

Don’t get me wrong, I like motivational quotes and I share them on my social media from time to time (I even put a motivational quote from the wise Yoda on my Facebook yesterday).

But my social media isn’t a factory that churns out quotes 24/7 from Tony Robbins, Oprah, Gandhi or Zig Ziglar.

I’ll occasionally share a post from someone else that resonated with me, or a passage from a book that I’m reading.

But I make sure the majority of what I put out there is in my own voice.

People want to hear from you – if they wanted motivational quotes, they can Google that term and get 583,000,000 results in 0.46 seconds (I just checked).

My recommendation is at least 70% of your posts are your own words.

Have a look through the last 10 posts on your favourite social media platform and see what number you’re at.

If a majority are the words of other people, try changing it up and putting more of your own stuff out there.

And then others can share your words around, which will be better for your business.

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