If 20 people tried to squeeze through a door at the same time, what would the result be?

It wouldn’t be pretty …

The same goes with trying to do 20 things for your business at the same time.

The challenge for online entrepreneurs is there are so many bright, shiny objects competing for our attention.

We can be reached on five (or more) social media platforms, and in our email inbox, at any time.

We’re basically reachable 24/7.

Here’s my situation:

I start my days with a to-do list of a few priorities that I created before going to bed the night before.

But inevitably, unexpected things pop up to compete for my attention.

Being a nice guy, I think “Oh, I’ll take care of this request by so-and-so”.

It’s a dangerous way to think, since those random requests can eat up a lot of time and my day is soon thrown off-track.

My productivity is through the roof when I stay focused on doing one thing (I know, I know. It sounds likes common sense … but what’s that saying about common sense not being common?)

It’s gotten so bad that I now have a yellow sticky note stuck on my office wall that reads:

“One Thing At A Time Marc!!!”

Whenever I find myself being pulled in different directions, I look at that sticky note and it reminds me to finish that one thing before moving on to another.

Now onto my pitch for the day:

When I created my “10 Clients In 90 Days” program, I set it up so you can complete it step-by-step …

It’s a paint-by-numbers approach to getting more coaching clients, and you won’t get bogged down doing 20 different things you shouldn’t be doing.

The cool part is I’ve just introduced a 12-month payment plan that lowers the investment to just $497/month and gives you the runway to get new coaching clients rolling in.

Here’s the link to get started:



PS: If you want to book a chat with me to see if 10C90D is a good fit for you, you can do it here:


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