The spin-off benefits of being in a good mastermind

by | Nov 24, 2022 | Blog

Here’s a quick story that shows the spin-off benefits of a (good) mastermind:

My podcast Natural Born Coaches is booked solid, and I had to turn the taps off and decline daily requests coming in from people who would like to be a guest on it.

But a coach friend of mine who runs his own mastermind reached out to pitch someone he had in mind for the podcast. The guest that he recommended is a member of his mastermind, and he described him as an “awesome” person to have on my show.

Since I know, like, and trust the coach who made the introduction, I broke my rule of declining interview pitches and immediately booked an interview with his mastermind member.

The guest and I recorded the interview and he knocked it out of the park. We had a great time, and I’m glad I got the introduction …

However, if not for the recommendation from my friend, he wouldn’t have gotten his foot in the door with me.

I run my Coaching Jungle Mastermind the same way as my friend does – to benefit those in it and to give them access to people that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

In the last decade I’ve made a lot of connections with great folks who can help my people, and I’ll happily make introductions for those who are in my mastermind.

The next mastermind starts in early January, and you can get in for a lot less than usual with the Black Friday sale going on this week (I’m capping it at 6 coaches):

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