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The “Sin of the Desert”

by | May 21, 2023 | Blog

I once spoke at an event where a fellow speaker shared a story about the “Sin of the Desert”.

The Sin of the Desert is when somebody knows where water is in the desert, but keeps it a secret and doesn’t share that knowledge with others.

He explained that when entrepreneurs don’t sell, they’re committing this sin.

I heard another great analogy around this before, from Ben Settle:

Imagine that you have a splitting headache.

Your head feels like it’s going to pop off, you can’t sleep or eat, and it’s making your life miserable.

What if you went down to your local pharmacy and asked the pharmacist for something to help with your problem, but instead of giving you medication he handed you a brochure about headaches and sent you packing.

You’d be pretty ticked off right?

So when I launched my new YouTube channel for coaches earlier this week I decided to not hold back and share everything I could to help coaches get more clients without paid ads.

The first few videos are now live, with more stuff scheduled to go up this coming week, so check it out (and “subscribe” so you don’t miss anything!):

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