I recently watched one of Ryan Mathie’s interactive workshops, and a coach who was participating asked for Ryan’s help with a challenge he was having.

While that coach had a handful of clients, he was having difficulty generating consistent revenue – despite being really good at what he does.

I’ve talked with a number of coaches over the years who have told me a similar tale:

Their clients are getting results and providing testimonials …

But when it comes to the coach’s own business?


Maybe they’re too close to the action, or too focused on their clients (if that’s a bad thing?), but it’s like that old saying – “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot”.

Ryan does his workshops differently than most, and he was able to help that coach in just a few minutes of back- and-forth and asking the right questions.

If you have a block holding your coaching business back, join us for the next workshop that Ryan is doing this Thursday, September 17th at 1 pm EST.

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