The secret sauce for getting high-paying clients

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Blog

Christian: $25k

Suze: $40k

Sabine: $15k

Michelle: $11k

Katya: $45k

What do they have in common?

They all used a webinar to sell their high-end offers.

And they had something else in common …

Each worked with Simone Vincenzi to create their high-converting webinar.

Simone has run more than 400 webinars and tested over 70 different presentation styles.

He was tired of the usual, blah-blah-blah pitch-fest webinar style and wanted to find a way that would create incredible value for the audience and make great sales at the same time.

During this process he found the elements that make the biggest difference, and then tested the process with more than 200 clients to prove that it works.

This week Simone is doing a training for my community called “How to Create Your High-Converting Webinar Without Overthinking Your Content Or Boring Your Audience With A Pitch-Fest”, and during this training you’ll:

  • Understand the winning webinar framework that will double or triple your retention and conversion
  • Discover the key parts of a winning presentation that delivers value, keeps your audience glued and sells like crazy
  • Decide the content for the presentation in real time so you can immediately run your webinar without second guessing

It’s happening tomorrow at 3 pm EST and you can join us by registering here (if you can’t make it live, register to get the replay sent to you!):

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