Last week I was talking about polarization, and how it can be used to draw the people you want to you (and repel those you don’t want to work with).

My email had a political flavour (re: capitalism), and I got a lot of messages on it – some agreeing with me, others disagreeing,

I want to address one reply that I got from someone, since I think a lot of coaches and online entrepreneurs are in the same boat as she is:

She’s not into politics, and she asked if it’s possible to be polarizing without talking about hot-button political issues.

Of course … my response was that not everyone should touch political stuff.

It works for me because it ties into my business philosophy and I’m not doing it just to stir the pot, but there are lots of other ways to use polarization.

Regardless of the industry/niche you’re in, chances are there are popular opinions that you disagree with.

You can polarize by taking a strong stance that differs from commonly-held opinions in your space.

For example, if you’re a health coach who doesn’t like CrossFit and prefers other alternatives, an anti-CrossFit post would be polarizing (very polarizing, I’d bet …). Or if you disagree with a popular fad diet, you could put an opposing point of view out there.

If you’re a relationship coach, you could go against the grain and tell why you think that married couples taking a break is a good thing and could save marriages.

For the record I’m not bashing CrossFit or encouraging relationship breaks, I’m using these as examples …

The key is to believe what you’re saying and not post controversial opinions just for the sake of being controversial.

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