Coaching changed my life, and over the years I’ve had a front row seat to hear stories from many others who experienced the same.

One of the most interesting ones came from two guys, Lewis Raymond Taylor and Liam James Collins, who called themselves “The Prisoner and The Postman” (it’s a crazy story that they’ll be sharing on my podcast!)

Lewis and Liam both hit rock bottom, but credit coaching with saving their lives.

So they started their own coaching businesses, which let them help people all over the world …

They eventually became known as “The Coaching Masters” and did so well with their business that they started teaching other coaches how to get fully-booked with clients (even those who aren’t techy and have no following).

On Thursday, February 20th at 6 pm EST, Lewis and Liam will be doing a live webinar where they’re going to share the 6 A’s to building a 6-figure coaching business.

Those who join us and stick around until the end will learn their system and also get a free guide that shows how to launch a coaching business online and get clients in under 30 days (value of the guide is £37).

You can register for the webinar here:

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