The one person in this world who I trust 100% is _____

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Blog

Here’s a tidbit about me that not everyone knows:

I have an identical twin brother, and his name is Matt.

Growing up you’d have trouble telling us apart, but in our middle-age it’s a little easier since he doesn’t have a beard and our hairstyles are different!

Not to get all sappy here, but he’s my best friend and I trust him 100% (hey, I shared a womb for 9 months with the guy), so I had no hesitation hiring him and his PodAssist team to handle the editing and production of my podcast back in 2015.

And since we talk every day, I’ve had a front row seat to see the lengths he goes for his clients. When I say that he and his team are “on the ball”, that’s an understatement … they go over and above what other service providers do.

So if you’d like help with your podcast, I have no hesitation giving my 100% endorsement to PodAssist, if you hire them you won’t regret it.

They currently have two spots coming open this Fall to help new clients, so if you’d like to explore the idea of launching your very own podcast and have help from Matt and PodAssist each step of the way, or you have a show and would like to get help with tasks like editing, uploading, copy and more, you can book a call with him to see if it’s a fit (make sure to mention my name to get a special bonus for people in my community):

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