A few months back I made a big change with my websites.

In the past, I kept everything on my main Natural Born Coaches site. This included hundreds of podcast episodes, blog posts, coaching offers, and a collection of other stuff.

In time that site accumulated a lot on it, and I worried that it was a muddled experience for potential clients and customers.

So I decided to do things differently:

NaturalBornCoaches.com got a facelift but also lost a lot of weight by only focusing on my podcast content … and a new site (Marc.coach) was launched to focus solely on my coaching programs and products.

The result was a less-cluttered experience for visitors.

I’m all about the KISS principle (KISS = “Keep It Simple, Stupid” … or the nicer “Keep It Sweet and Simple”).

My advice? Step back every so often and put yourself in your prospects’ eyes to ensure their journey is a smooth one.

There was a lot that went into those changes and others that I made for my business in 2019, so December’s issue of Secret Coach Club will be a year-end review where I’ll walk subscribers through everything I did to give them ideas for their businesses.

It goes to print this weekend, so the deadline to get it is Saturday night at midnight EST.

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