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The importance of “fit before fee”!

by | Nov 14, 2023 | Blog

My “Super Partner” joint venture package is now available, and there’s one important piece of criteria that I have when choosing the partner for it:

“Fit before fee”!

Fit is very important to me, since I’ll be partnering with this person for over 365 straight days and promoting them to my audience across all of my various platforms.

The wrong fit won’t be good for me, or them!

I’m reminded of the sporting world, when a player is traded to (or chooses to sign as a free agent with) a certain team.

It might look good on paper, but ends up as a disaster as the contract continues because it’s not a good match.

If it’s not a match, it’s not good for the team or the player.

(To see this in action, in fiction at least, watch the 1996 film “The Fan” starring Wesley Snipes and Robert DeNiro)

To see the criteria I have for my 2024 Super Partner, and decide if you’re a fit, go here:

PS: If the Super JV package isn’t a fit for you at this time, I have other options to partner together to get your offer out there – more details here:

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