The Hybrid Course Revolution

by | May 10, 2022 | Blog

Danny Iny has been an expert in the online course world for many years, and he’s noted the evolution of online courses.

In Danny’s words courses have evolved, starting with:


“The Age of Access, when almost anyone could create a course just by throwing a bunch of information about a topic into a website or an email series, and sticking a price tag on it. But that put the onus on the student to organize all of that info and make good use of it, so a lot of people just sat on the information without implementing it.

Then came the Age of Convenience, when students would happily pay someone to curate just the info they needed into a short, concise online course. But procrastination was a problem, stopping people from consuming the courses they’d bought or putting their learning into practice.

Next came the Age of Entertainment, in which course creators used gamification psychology to keep students engaged. But gamification could only encourage students to act on tasks they’re able to complete easily. It wasn’t working to help people do harder stuff they needed to do to reach their goals.

And now, in 2022, the industry has shifted into The Hybrid Course Revolution, providing a huge opportunity for you to thrive. And this is the most exciting phase yet!”


To learn about this Hybrid Course Revolution, check out the free video series that Danny has just released.

Watch it while you can by going here:

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