In a recent conversation that I had with my friend Anirudh, he told me that there are four types of coaches:

1) Coaches who have free time but don’t have as many clients as they want

2) Coaches who have a lot of clients but don’t have free time

3) Coaches who have some free time and have some clients, but who should be delegating tasks so they can use the time savings to work on other stuff.

4) Coaches who have the free time they want, have enough clients, and are only spending their time on the important things that they want to do.

For the last week I’ve been talking about the live training that Anirudh is doing tomorrow, and if you fall into coach type #1, #2 or #3 you should be there.

(If you fall into category #4 you can save your time and not bother attending – it sounds like you have it figured out …).

In the training, he’s going to be showing a different way of structuring your coaching business, and it’ll be worth the small time investment to attend.

Save your seat for the training here:

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