The final day for Steve Chandler’s Coaching Prosperity School

by | Nov 15, 2020 | Blog

This week I’ve been talking a lot about Steve Chandler’s “Coaching Prosperity School”, and here’s what some of his past students had to say about it …

Brian Johnson of PhilosophersNotes fame said:

“Words can’t capture just how deeply Steve Chandler has impacted my life. From the countless lectures I’ve listened to and the books I’ve read to the years of 1-on-1 coaching, Steve’s soul force and wisdom are deeply imprinted on mine. If you want to optimize your life so you can serve heroically and empower others to do the same, then I HIGHLY recommend you invest yourself in everything (!) Steve does.”

And then there’s Stephen McGhee, author of “Get Real: A Vital Breakthrough on Your Life and Leadership”:

“Steve Chandler’s coaching school is the most powerful thing I have done for my business in over 10 years. My prior mid six figure income is now skyrocketing and at the same time I am enjoying more peace and calm in my daily business..”

There’s a reason why many past attendees to the live version of Steve’s school went to it multiple times (the record is 8x for one coach!).

Get the details for how you can get in at less than 1/10th of the normal price here:

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