The driveway test

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Blog

I once saw a video from a relationship coach talking about the “driveway test”.

She explained that someone in a relationship should ask how themselves how they feel when their partner gets back home from work, or shopping, or anything really.

How does their body feel when their partner pulls into the driveway?

Is it excitement? Happiness?

Or is it something negative, like disappointment or anger?

She explained that the human body doesn’t lie, and you’ll know if the relationship is doomed by its reaction to the driveway test.

The same goes for entrepreneurs …

I recently spoke with a coach who was dealing with a problem client who expected her to be available 24/7 for whenever she needed her.

This client overstepped boundaries in the coaching relationship, and some days she emailed the coach five or ten times!

The coach told me that she dreaded seeing the client’s name in her inbox, and that it made her feel sick.

That was her answer to the driveway test, and I suggested that she should let that client go and fill the space with ones who don’t make her want to vomit.

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