A client of mine once asked for my opinion on something:

He planned to bunker down in his house like a hermit for a few weeks straight and create one full year’s worth of content for his business (emails to his list, social media posts, podcast episodes).

During that time he wouldn’t socialize with friends, and he’d let everyone know that he would be unavailable. He wouldn’t accept visitors, calls, or texts – he was off the grid for that time.

When I asked why he was planning to do this, he explained how great it would feel to be finished with his content for the year after just a few weeks. By buckling down and working his butt off, he could then relax and live the good life for the next 11+ months.

I told him that while I’m a fan of batching, I don’t like the idea of “over-batching”!

First off, I don’t think it’s good for your sanity to play hermit and isolate yourself for weeks at a time.

And I question the quality of the content you’re producing if you’re working 18 or 20 hours a day on it and relying on Red Bull to survive.

But there’s another big reason why you shouldn’t go overboard with your batching, and I’m going to dedicate space in the March issue of Secret Coach Club to explain. I’m also going to show a better way to create your content – one that won’t drive you into the ground or cause you to lose all of your friends.

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