I have a tradition where I release a special “Year-End Review” issue of my Secret Coach Club hard copy newsletter every December.

It’s an opportunity for me to throw open the curtains and show what worked for me over the last year (and perhaps more important, what didn’t work … so coaches can avoid those pitfalls).

I’m now putting the finishing touches on the 2020 review issue which will also includes changes I’ve seen in the coaching world this year and my predictions for where things are headed in 2021.

Also in the December issue:

  • I give my list of 10 “must-read” books that every coach (and entrepreneur …actually, every human!) should read. These books aren’t the common ones you hear about often – I’d be surprised if any readers know more than a few of them …
  • In my monthly “Marc’s Musings” section. I talk about how to handle the influx of new social media platforms (and other distractions) vying for your precious time. Should you jump on board with them or not? Read it to get my two cents …
  • Finally, “Santa Marc” is coming to town and I’m including a special Xmas gift inside the December mailing for all SCC subscribers.

The deadline to get in is Monday, November 30th at midnight (EST) and you can subscribe here:


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