That dirty, stinkin’ word “bribe”

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Blog

I once sent out an email offering a bribe to get people to attend a webinar I was hosting.

Someone replied that she objected to the word “bribe”, since it apparently felt dirty (as if I was meeting her in a shadowy parking garage with a bag of unmarked bills)

Personally I don’t get too worked up about the word (the same goes for using the word “tribe” for an online community).

In 2021 about half the words in the dictionary are considered by some to be problematic, but if you’re offended by the word “bribe”, I’ll play along …

Those attending Mike McMahon and Doresa Ibrahim’s live training tomorrow will get a special “gift” worth $2500 (a legit, not pie-in-the-sky figure)

Also, I’m giving away copies of my programs to six lucky attendees: three copies of my “Facebook Group Gold” and three copies of my “Daily Email System” … which I usually sell for $497 each.

The training is called “How To Become The ‘Sought After’ Coach”, and it’s happening on Thursday at 12 pm EST.

Save your seat for it here:

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