I had a call with a new client yesterday, and she confessed that she’s hung up on something.

Her issue?

She has a teaching background, and she feels like she has to teach in all of the free content for her coaching business.

She’s used to doing that in her other life, and it’s creeped into this side of things. That’s a problem, because if she’s in teacher-mode then it’s going to slow down her content creation.

It’s a lot of pressure to wake up feeling like you have to write a text book worth of materials for the day, so I’ll pass along what I told her:

You shouldn’t be teaching in your content – or as Ben Settle calls it, “hard teaching”.

I’m not saying that you don’t give people something that will help them, or give them an “ah ha”, but reserve your teaching for paying clients and customers.

For example, in my daily emails I’ll pass along a story or lesson that I think will help those reading it.

While I hope that what I give is entertaining and worth the minute or two that people take to consume it, I save the teaching for inside the pages of my Secret Coach Club print newsletter, or inside my programs that I charge for.

For my print newsletter, I’ll write 5,000 or 6,000 words of pure teaching per issue, but since subscribers pay for it they’re treating it more seriously than if I just fired it out everywhere for free (people don’t value what they get for free).

Remember where the “free/paid line” is and keep your free stuff lighter and entertaining instead of going into full “teacher-mode”.

One place where you can get pure teaching to help your online business (for just $17) is the livestream for Pamela Bruner’s “Transform” event this week.

She’s giving five hours of golden education to help your business, and you can grab it here:


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