I’ve been spending the last few days talking about super hero stuff and how it relates to coaches.

Sticking with that, let’s talk about another super hero movie: “Kick-Ass”.

It’s about a teenager named Dave who wonders why there aren’t any super heroes in the real world.

He gets tired of his boring, high school life and (despite having no super powers) decides to buy a scuba suit and become a super hero named “Kick-Ass”.

In one of his first missions, he’s stabbed and run over by a car. That damages his nerve endings and leads to metal plates and braces being put in his body.

The plus side is it gives him a high tolerance for pain, which helps because without any training he’s usually on the other end of beatdowns (Nicholas Cage’s character in the film quips that instead of “Kick-Ass”, his name should be “Ass-Kick”).

But Dave continues his mission, goes out night-after-night to fight crime, and (spoiler alert) it all works out in the end.

Just as Dave’s high tolerance for pain helped him succeed, coaches need a high tolerance for pain as well.

Not physical pain, but to be able to withstand the inevitable ups and downs that come with running a business.

New coaches often jump in not understanding how difficult it can be to build a successful business (part of that blame goes to the gurus promising instant riches and 7-figures in 30 days with their magic funnels …).

After the initial high wears off, they realize that it isn’t all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

More-experienced coaches aren’t exempt from the roller coaster though – they have days that start off great, only to be sidelined by a curveball that comes out of the blue.

Or they have a good month for revenue followed by a few bad ones that throw their year off track.

While you’ll never completely avoid these ebbs and flows, I’ve found that you can reduce them by having a system for consistently bringing in new coaching clients.

I just released a new training this week where I break down the 3 superpowers of successful coaches and show how you can develop them in your own business.

I also share my system for getting more coaching clients (without paid ads), and I give away a cool gift at the end of it.

You can check it out here:


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