A question that was recently asked inside The Coaching Jungle Facebook group:

“How are you staying positive about now and the future in this seemingly never-ending pandemic, coupled with very concerning civil unrest?”

Well, my first suggestion is to not be a slave to the media, which lives by the maxim “If it bleeds it leads”. The media is dangerous to one’s productivity and state of mind, and should come with a warning label just like they put on cigarette packages.

I know someone who sits at home with the TV on and CNN (Constantly Negative News) playing in the background for every single moment of the day other than when he’s out of the house or asleep, and I think that’s a huge mistake (he’s scared silly at the moment)

Even before COVID I was limiting my news intake, but over the last few months I’ve dropped it even further. Since I’ve always been interested in and follow politics, that wasn’t easy …

But I now restrict myself to a 10 minute daily window where I can see what various news/political websites are saying, and that’s it. I used to do my 10 minute “media pub crawl” while eating my breakfast in the morning, but I knew that wasn’t a great way to start my day so it now comes later in the day after I get my important business-building tasks done.

Besides turning off the news, I suggest ruthlessly culling negative, Chicken Little types who spend 24/7 posting about how bad the world currently is (I’ll take 2020 over the year 1520, when smallpox killed 60-90% of the original inhabitants living in the Americas). Drop those who drag you down with their negativity, whether it be in the virtual world or in real life.

Finally, here’s something that Matt Furey wrote that stuck with me:


“There are two kinds of viruses: there’s the external virus that seeks to invade our field, get into our body and wreak havoc.

And then there’s the internal virus, that’s already there. It’s in our mind, weakening us, making us feel afraid, making us think fearful thoughts, making us succumb to worry, self-doubt and fear.

Make sure on a daily basis, you rid yourself of the internal virus, just as much as you watch out for the external virus”


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