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by | May 2, 2021 | Blog

It’s tough to stand out in the crowded online space, especially in the coaching world.

Let’s face it, there are a ton of coaches online – and a lot more will be starting in the coming years.

A lot of them use the same language, have the same programs, and similar products.

So how do you separate yourself from this glob of competition and get people to hire and buy from you?

Here’s my suggestion:

Do things differently!

Seth Godin talks about this in his book “Purple Cow” …

Another book which has the same advice called “OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns That Are Outrageously Successful” by Bill Glazer (how’s that for a title?!)

One way that I’ve been able to do things differently and separate myself from competitors is by having a print newsletter, Secret Coach Club.

People are curious when they hear about it, especially when they learn that I don’t sell digital copies (“No digital copies? But it’s 2021!” they say)

Since so few people offer print newsletters, it makes me stick out like a sore thumb in the crowded sea of coaches.

If you’re tired of elbowing to get noticed out there the SCC print newsletter can help by giving you new ideas every month that you can take and put into action right away (and usually without having to spend a cent).

The May issue is a “Brainpickers Survival Guide” which can save you 100+ hours per year when you use my scripts for batting away brainpicking requests.

It heads to the printer tonight, so this is the last call to get it:

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