Special Secret Coach Club Black Friday sale!

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Blog

If you want your coaching business to grow in 2022, I have something special for you!

I’ve been publishing my Secret Coach Club hard copy newsletter monthly since March 2017, and it’s helped hundreds of coaches from around the world get more clients for their businesses.

I want as many coaches as possible to benefit from what I teach inside, so for this week only I’m doing a special “Black Friday” sale where you get a lifetime annual Secret Coach Club subscription for 50% off the regular price … just $497/year instead of the usual $997!

What you’ll learn inside the Club is exclusive stuff, I’m not teaching it anywhere else (except with my clients).

And your subscription lets you “pick my brain” by email, something I don’t allow anyone else to do … so I’ll be there to hold your hand while you take action on what you’re learning.

Those who grab this special offer will be grandfathered in, so you’ll get the special subscription rate for as long as you’re in SCC.

Get in before the deadline on Tuesday, November 30th by going here:


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