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by | Jan 7, 2022 | Blog

Recently I’ve been a guest on a bunch of great podcasts …

There’s “Conscious MIllionaire”, hosted by my friend JV Crum III …

And Nicole Bandes, for her “Coaches Copilot” show …

And there’s “Podcast Talent Coach”, with host Erik Johnston (who’s an expert in the podcast world)

But while I’m often a guest on shows in the coaching, personal development, and general entrepreneurship spaces, some of my interviews have been on more unique podcasts …

There’s Chad Gravallese, who has a show called “Freelancing Dads”, which isn’t my usual podcast but caught me pleasantly surprised …

Guy Golan had me on to speak to his university class, and I was also on Greg Payne’s “The Cool Grandpa Podcast’ (which focuses on grandfathers, even though I’m not one yet – and don’t expect to be one for many years!)

If you’re looking for a guest for your podcast, you can get more information about me and book an interview by going here:


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