Here’s a look inside the December issue of Secret Coach Club, which heads to the printer tonight:

-> “How To Nab Sales For An Unfinished Online Program … Before You Even Launch It!”:

I’m going over (in-detail) the exact things that I did with the early bird launch for my “Daily Email System” back in October. I include scheduling tricks and things that can help you make sales before you even finish your program.

-> “A 100% Guaranteed Way To Zap Away Any Mental Blocks That Are Keeping You From Selling Your Stuff”

I recently had a call with a coach who was holding back on emailing her list and promoting her business. During the call, I pinpointed what the issue was and was able to help her through it (it’s something that’s holding most coaches back). I share what it is and the exact way I got her past it …

-> “How To Use “Cold” Podcast Pitches To Get Podcast Hosts Rolling Out The Welcome Mat For You!”

It’s getting harder to get booked on podcasts using cold pitches, but I got one from a stranger that was so good that I had to invite her on my show. I share the exact copy that she used and explain why it worked so well for her.

-> “A Simple Shift To Close More Of Your Discovery Calls”

I share a neat little trick that instantly increased my conversions on discovery calls (and it’s worked for clients that I’ve taught it to as well).

-> “Why I Just Changed The SCC Subscription Model

I made a change with SCC subscriptions – even if you don’t have a print newsletter it can work for your other offerings.

-> Bonus Insert!

I’m including a transcript of an interview that I did with SCC subscriber Jennifer Dunham, where we talk about the “dash for cash” that coaches should be doing in their businesses (this transcript isn’t being shared anywhere else).

Get all this by subscribing by the deadline at midnight EST:

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