Here’s a question that came in about starting a Facebook group in a unique niche:

“I am working towards organic growth. I can’t find a group for my area so I have created it to get people for me to engage with. Good idea or a waste of time?”

If done properly, Facebook groups are a great way to grow one’s coaching business.

Before a client of mine starts a group, I recommend that they search FB to see if there are other groups in their world.

If there are, that’s a good sign – it shows there’s probably a market for what they’re doing.

But if there isn’t a group with their focus, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Some would say; “Well there are no groups for my people so that must mean there’s no business to be done in that niche!”

That’s not necessarily true.

It reminds me of the pundits who were certain Trump couldn’t win in 2016 because he had no political or military experience, and no candidate had ever been elected President before without at least one of those two things. Love him or hate him, he won and it shows that there’s a first for everything.

If you can’t find the kind of group that you’re looking for, you can be the trailblazer that starts the first one. Don’t allow a lack of comparable groups scare you off …

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