A Hooters restaurant in Florida once had a competition for its waitresses.

Whichever one sold the most beer for that month would win a “Toyota” (the contest was described verbally, never in writing – which becomes important later).

When the month was finished they announced who won, blindfolded that waitress, and took her to the parking lot out back to give her the prize.

They removed her blindfold and she got:

A toy Yoda.

(It was an action figure of the little green Jedi master from Star Wars, not a car that she could drive).

As a lover of “Star Wars” and of puns, I got a kick out of this story – but the waitress wasn’t as amused and she sued the restaurant.

I’ve heard similar stories, like a radio station that offered a Hummer in a contest but awarded a toy vehicle in its place.

Things like this happen often in the coaching world.

Coaches buy a program that promises one thing, and they then discover that it’s not what was advertised.

There are a lot of good marketers out there, and unfortunately a lot of them can’t back up their big promises.

The result is a lot of frustration, lost money and time, and a bad taste left in the mouths of the buyers.

I’ve been running my “10 Clients In 90 Days” program for about two years now, and have had a lot of coaches go through it during that time.

And after seeing the results coaches have got from the program I feel confident in it.

If you’re tired of the hype and BS out there and want something that isn’t just fluff and filler, check it out here:


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