This Thursday I’ll be there for the live webinar that Lewis and Liam (“The Coaching Masters”) will be doing.

It’s all about the 6 things you need to build a 6 figure coaching business, and since everyone’s time is valuable here’s who it’s for:

  • If you want to work when you want and where you want, without having to answer to anybody
  • If you’re frustrated by being surrounding by negative people holding you back
  • If you’re a little scared at the thought of starting or growing your coaching business
  • If you’re lacking confidence or suffering from “Imposter Syndrome”
  • If you’re skeptical that people can make money with an online coaching business …

The webinar will be one hour, and Lewis and Liam will stick around to answer any questions. As a bonus, those who stay until the end will receive a special guide that the guys have created and has a value of £37, since they’re British 🙂

It’s happening on Thursday at 6 pm EST, and you can save your spot here:

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