Releasing your inner Bulworth

by | May 30, 2019 | Blog

The older I get, the less of a filter I have on my mouth …

And the more I’m drawn to people who say what they want to say without fear of offending others.

That could be the reason that one of my favourite movies is “Bulworth”, starring Warren Beatty.

The film is about Jay Billington Bulworth – a Californian senator who is disillusioned with politics and his life so he just decides to say what’s on his mind without the usual political spin.

This shocks people, but also draws voters to him who appreciate his brutal candour since it’s so rare.

Just as people are disillusioned with political BS, there are a lot who are frustrated by phoniness in the online space.

But there are some coaches and online entrepreneurs who are doing a good job of releasing their inner Bulworth. One of them is Brandon Marshall, who puts out engaging content and is fearless when it comes to spreading his message.

Brandon wasn’t always like that – he admits that early on he was holding back with his message. I met him in 2014 when he was one of the first guests ever on the “Natural Born Coaches” podcast, and he’s really evolved over the years.

I recently did an exclusive interview with Brandon where he shared how coaches can break out of their boxes and unapologetically put their content out into the world.

This interview is only available in one of my programs, but I’m going to include a transcript of it as a bonus with the June issue of “Secret Coach Club”.

If you know you’ve been holding back and are ready to change, this will give you the kick in the butt to become like Bulworth.

The deadline to get the June issue and the Brandon Marshall bonus transcript is tomorrow at midnight EST:

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