Although we usually only release new episodes of Natural Born Coaches on Monday mornings, today is an exception since the topic is so important for coaches:


For this special episode I have as my guest Steve Chandler – “The Godfather of Coaching” and the author of numerous books including “The Prosperous Coach”. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Steve’s impressive background in the personal development space, and how he’s become known as “The Godfather of Coaching”
  • Where he feels coaches are going wrong with relationship-building, and his own experiences and mistakes around this
  • The way that Steve turned things around in his business with one big fundamental shift
  • What procrastination could be telling you
  • How to begin looking at getting clients for life, and what his own follow-up process with clients looks like
  • A unique perspective on referrals that you can start using today
  • What to expect from Steve’s Coaching Prosperity School, and much more…

Here’s the link to have a listen:

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