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(Podcast) The Benefits of Change … and A Special Announcement!

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Blog

I just released a new episode of Natural Born Coaches where I talk about change and give my advice for making changes in your business and life. You’ll hear:

• Something I read that really inspired me to record this episode

• When change isn’t a necessarily a good thing

• A practice that a friend of mine told me about change years ago that always stuck with me (it takes just an hour to do and can make a huge impact!)

• The critical role that mindset plays in the process of change, and the two main types of mindsets to be aware of

Finally, I make an announcement during this epsiode about a big change that I’m making with my Secret Coach Club … today is the first day of Secret Coach Club version 2.0 and I explain why I’m doing it and what you’ll get with it!

Here’s the link to give the episode a listen:

PS: If you don’t have 17 minutes to listen to the podcast and want to get the details for the NEW Secret Coach Club, you can get the details here!

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