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(Podcast) Getting Past The Fear of Putting Yourself Out There, with Nina Cooke!

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Blog

I have a few things happening with Nina Cooke today:

First, she was on my podcast sharing how to get past the fear of putting yourself out there, and in this episode you’ll hear:

  • What led Nina to stop believing the lies she had been telling herself since childhood
  • How her whole business approach changed after learning how to eliminate her mind blocks
  • What’s really behind the fear of rejection and putting yourself out there
  • The role that having narcissistic people in Nina’s life played, what actions she took as a result, and how she was able to make more peace in her life
  • The main reasons she sees her entrepreneur clientele holding back and not putting themselves out there

Her thoughts on the “comparison game” and the dangers of playing it

Here’s the link to listen in:

Also, there’s still time to get Nina’s “Maximize Your Profit” scorecard! In it, she shows you how to get not only more profit, but more consistent profit for your business by using mindset, marketing, and sales. It takes just 5 minutes, and to get started go here:

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