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People are buying YOU!

by | May 15, 2024 | Blog

As a coach, you might think that you’re selling a program or service …

Think again!

Kae Wagner made a good point about this, telling me:

“As a Coach, you and your program or unique process are the product/service.

You are what people buy!

They are buying you to help them solve a problem and get sustainable results.

They are buying you for your unique and differentiated solutions.

When you are the brand, you make a promise, a brand promise, to provide a solution for a problem …”

Kae is a personal branding specialist and she knows that personal branding takes the friction out of the buying process.

She’ll be laying out a strategy you can use to solidify your personal brand in a live webinar she’s doing next Tuesday, May 21st called “Personal Branding: The Coach’s Secret To Getting Clients”

(She’s also doing a live reveal during the webinar of a branding exercise she did for me)

Save your seat for it here:

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