Podcast interviews are powerful.

I remember hearing about an interview that Hal Elrod (of “The Miracle Morning” fame) did on The Art of Charm podcast, where he credited podcast interviews as the #1 reason that he now sells twice as many books every month compared to when his book first came out.

When I heard that, I thought: “Hal gets it”

Podcast interviews get you in front of tons of new people who would have never known you otherwise.

It exposes you to a whole new market who will hire you and buy your products.

For me, it’s a no-brainer.

Yet a lot of coaches aren’t taking advantage of this awesome free resource.

A big reason why is they’re afraid to do it, or they don’t know how to get consistent bookings.

I got fed up with these excuses, so I decided to devote the entire March issue of my Secret Coach Club newsletter to helping you get booked to be interviewed on more podcasts.

This upcoming issue will walk you through the exact method I use to get booked on 100 podcasts a year.

If you want to learn my secrets (and do what Hal Elrod did to grow his business), get your mitts on your copy here:


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