One of my favourite movies, and the one I go to whenever I need a motivational kick-to-the-rear-end, is “Limitless”.

It stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra, an author struggling with writer’s block and unable to make any progress on his novel until he takes a drug called NZT-48, which allows him to use 100% of his brain power.

While pre-NZT Eddie struggles to complete a sentence, post-NZT Eddie is on fire and finishes an impressive masterpiece quickly.

He then goes on to do other near-superhuman feats (I won’t spoil the movie …)

A lot of coaches can sympathize with Eddie’s writer’s block at the beginning of the film.

There are days when they’re on fire, and other days when the words just aren’t getting out onto the screen and they want to throw their laptops out the window.

While I don’t have a supply of NZT-48 sitting around, I do have something else that can help make your content creation a breeze and have you feeling like you’re limitless …

This method allows me to crank out a week, or weeks, of content quickly and almost effortlessly – in fact I just did it earlier this summer and it worked like a charm.

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